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  History of the restaurant Víctor Montes

A restaurant with history … A restaurant with flavor …

In the same place where our restaurant stands today, there was a market with the same name, which had a selection of foods: chocolates, spices, wines … products that were very difficult to find in Bilbao at that time. An unusual store for the time that became a reference for the gourmet sector in the Basque Country.

Such an endearing market, it became one of the best restaurants in Bilbao of the past century. A restaurant that still today retains all the spirit of the original market, so different for the time, and all the illusion to bring unique products of the highest quality, from our gastronomy and the rest of the world, to the people of Bilbao and everyone who wants to visit us. Products that you can taste sitting in our beautiful dining room, surrounded by our collection of wines, whiskey, and cognac or as appetizers ¨pintxos¨ in our carefully designed bar that has become an icon of the old town of Bilbao.

Our restaurant has positioned itself as a reference of the Basque Country’s cuisine, being part of the life of all Bilbaoans and becoming a must-stop for those who visit our city, including famous people… such as Prince Albert of Monaco, Oliver Stone, Jeremy Irons, Bono, The Edge … who have passed by to taste and enjoy our beloved restaurant.

On October 3, 1997, the Víctor Montes Restaurant had the pleasure of hosting the signing of the Guggenheim project in Bilbao. Frank Gehry himself, Thomas Krens and Vidarte were seated in the dining room, in an event that started the change process of our city into the Bilbao of today.