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Going up the stairs, portraits of famous people who have visited us observe how we ascend to the famous dining room of the Victor Montes Restaurant. We arrive at a beautiful corner decorated with our precious collection of wines, whiskeys and cognacs that we have been selecting and keeping with care since 1846.

Seated at white marble tables, you will enjoy fabulous views of the Plaza Nueva in the old town, while tasting the most exclusive products of our gastronomy and other products that deserve to be served at Víctor Montes Restaurant, even though they are not from this region. Searching for exquisite products occupies most of our time, the rest is occupied researching and applying the most advanced culinary techniques that result in unique dishes like Norwegian Salmon with gold powder and Piedmont truffle, or Liver of fresh Foie marinated 45 hours, or Butterfly Anchovies of the Cantabrian Sea with Arbequina caviar. Not to mention, the best Iberian acorn-cured ham with denomination of origin of Extremadura that is the protagonist at all the tables.